The Last Run (2018)

A retired journalist enlists an ex colleague to help him track down an old narrow boat called The Himalaya.

His search begins at a disused and derelict wharf somewhere in the midlands at the heart of the English canal system. At one time the wharf and warehouse belonged to a busy specialist tea company who imported such teas as Darjeeling from the foothills of the Himalayas to the London Docks and then on by canal to the warehouse and wharf which in its present-day dilapidated state appears to be inhabited by an eccentric old lady.

The story flits from 2017 to various significant times in the past life of the narrow boat, The Himalaya and its owner operators, Albert and Annie.

Gradually we learn the significance of the narrow boat to the retired journalist and why the old lady either sets her imaginary dogs on visitors or makes them a cup of Darjeeling tea.

The original version of The Last Run was first written and performed in the year 2000. After repeated requests from an anonymous source to revive the play, we gave in……… well only a little bit.

We revisited the old script and then an even older script from another play called A Voyage of Discovery and ended up with a brand-new script which borrows some storylines and characters from both plays as well as introducing new ones.

The Last Run (2018) is our latest production. For some it might bring back some memories. We hope you enjoy it