Whats Good For The Goose ?

A sequel to our 2014 play A Bad Penny which was set in the village of Nether Claybourne in 1964.


What’s Good for The Goose? is also set in Nether Claybourne but 52 years later. In other words, The present day.

More than 40 years ago, Lord Claybourne died without an heir and bequeathed Claybourne Hall and it’s 500 acres of pasture land to ‘The people of the village of Nether Claybourne’

For many years, overseen by a trust, the village has benefited from an income from letting the estate land to a local dairy farmer. Over the years this income has helped provide a modern medical centre, a community centre, a play area and a small park.

In the current agricultural climate and low milk prices for dairy farmers, the village, now finds itself without a tenant for the land and therefore no longer an income. Over the years they have also let the Hall fall into major disrepair.

The trust and the villagers now have to decide what to do with their ‘goose that laid the golden eggs’. Opinion is divided as they attract the attentions of a successful if somewhat notorious property developer. Who also shows an interest in the run down but traditional village pub which happens to be called The Goose

The story that unfolds is populated by the various offspring of characters from A Bad Penny as it weaves its way in and out of their lives, both past and present, and builds to a dramatic climax.