Put That Light Out!

Life in Britain at war

Blackout - Gas masks - Air Raids - Rationing

A Woman's story of humour and tragedy

Now in its 24th year, the play, follows the fortunes of Elsie Roberts, a young mother of two, from 1939 to 1945.

She lives above a butcher's shop near the docks and from the moment war is declared her life changes for ever. Her husband joins the 8th Army and her children are evacuated to the countryside.

She becomes a crane driver at the docks but she also has to contend with Cyril Bridges her bossy landlord and newly appointed air raid warden.

There is also an insight into life at the local school as headmaster Mr. Gridlington and timid teacher Miss Bagshaw organise the evacuation of many of their pupils

There is comedy and song but there is also hardship and tragedy as the characters experience blackouts and air raids, rationing and the black market, evacuation and digging for victory.

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Elsie & Cyril

Drama Workshop

There is also an optional workshop session which is designed to follow on from the performance and develop and reinforce some of the themes of the play. Here the 2 performers work with smaller groups of children (usually no more than a class at a time) and, if the play is performed in the morning, the afternoon can be divided up into 2 or possibly 3 workshop sessions.


The play      1 performance      £220

                     2 on same day     £325

play & workshops                     £325

To book  info@day-star-theatre.co.uk      01270 811330


Elsie Roberts
Elsie & Cyril
Jack Roberts
Mr Gridlington & Miss Bagshaw